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III CONGRESS Congress of Managemenent of the Quality and Environmental Protection GECPA’ 2018

2018-06-18 - 2018-06-22
III CONGRESS  Congress of Managemenent of the Quality and Environmental Protection GECPA’ 2018

“Fort the connectivity of the quality and the environmental protection in social benefit”

Estimated colleagues:

The Center of Technology and Industrial Quality – CTEC, summons all the professionals, directives, investigators and linked students to the activities of the administration systems, technologies, protection of the environment, laboratories of tropicalization reherarsals and superficial treatments and other similars to participate in III Congress of Quality and Environmental Protection, GECPA 2018, that is integrated to the III Convention and International Exhibition of the Cuban Industry , CUBAINDUSTRIA auspiced by the Ministry of the Industries of the Republic of Cuba and to present their proposals of works for this event that will take place the days 21 and 22 of June of 2018 in the Palacio of the Conventions of Havana, Cuba.

In the first and seconds edition of GECPA, the national participants and foreingers demonstrated a scientific high-level and profesional through the works that approached, contributing from way irrefutable to elevate the credit and quality of the congress, what was worth for a recognition of the Organizing Committee of CUBAINDUSTRIA.

We appreciated that you confirm us your participation, by means of the Coupon of Inscription of GECPA

Lic. Tatiana Otero Diego


Organizing Committee GECPA’ 2018



 Inscription quotas: Delegates-------------------------------------------------------------------250 CUC

Speakers------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------200 CUC

Students------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------160 CUC

Companions--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------100 CUC

Presenters and delegates national that pay their quotas in CUC--------------------------------250 CUC



The exchange of USD or € (Eurus) to CUC

according to rate of effective change in the Republic of Cuba


Communication with the Organizing Committee – GECPA’ 2018:

President of honor: MSc. Jorge Luis Suárez Rodríguez

President: Lic. Tatiana Otero Diego

Email: tatiana@ctec.cu

Phones: (537) 862 1276; 863 1288; 862 1230

Vice-presidents: Ing. Moraima Keeling Álvarez, moraima@labet.co.cu

Executive secretary: Ana María Menéndez Díaz, ana@ctec.cu


For more information about Convention CUBAINDUSTRIA and the Congresses that integrate it, visiting the Web:








Apellidos / Surname(s): _____________________________________________

Nombre / Name: ____________________________________________________

Institución / Institution: ___________________________________________

Dirección / Address: ________________________________________________

Ciudad / City: ______________________________________________________

País / Country: _____________________________________________________

Profesión / Profession: _____________________________________________

Teléfono / Telephone: ______________________________________________

Fax: _________________________

E-mail: _______________________

Sírvase marcar la opción correspondiente / Please, check mark the suitable choice

____ Ponente o conferencista / Speaker

____ Delegado / Delegate

____ Estudiante / Student

Presentaré trabajo(s) / I will present work(s)

___ Si / Yes ___ No

Taller del Congreso en el que participará / Workshop to participate:

___ Calidad y Protección Ambiental ____ Taller de Tropicalización

Título(s) / Title(s):

Medios necesarios / Neccesary means:

___ Video proyector / Video projector

___ Retroproyector / Over – head projector